3 Ways to Get Noticed on Social Media


While implementing a social media strategy is a great step for any organization, setting up accounts is only the first step in an ongoing process. Everyone is on social media these days and getting noticed among the millions of companies is a daily challenge for most marketers. Figuring out the right formula to attract attention and engagement is a process of trial-and-error and various strategies often land with a thud or a whimper. If you’re new to social media, but are unsure where to go from here – or if what you’re doing just isn’t working — we have a few tips to help you jumpstart your presence online.

Keep it casual. We get it – you want to push your company and products, and social media is just another business strategy for you. But you certainly don’t want to bore your audience and, these days, the organizations with the most effective social media accounts keep things fun and interesting. If you simply post about how great you are or use social media to push products on your audience, then you’ll be ignored. Mix it up with fun videos and memes, and articles that you think your followers might find interesting. This can make the difference between being a “don’t want to miss it” and a “hide from newsfeed” account.

Keep it visual. They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words and, these days, people prefer pictures and videos to articles and words. If you run a retail store, this can be a picture of a new item or if you are a financial services firm, a fun group shot of employees on a casual day or company event can go a long way. This can also include an “It’s Friday!” meme or a picture with an inspirational quote. And if you do have content that you need to post, make sure to include a picture – studies have shown that post with pictures garner, on average, 120% more engagement on Facebook than posts without.

Keep it consistent. Whatever the direction you decide to take your social media strategy, be consistent. Your users should know what to expect from you. For example, if you’re going to maintain a blog, commit to writing a post every week or every other week, and don’t let your Facebook and Twitter pages lie dormant for days at a time. Once you’re in, you need to be all in, which means that keeping your accounts up-to-date must be a priority. If you don’t have time to do this on a daily basis, scheduling tools can be your new best friend. Facebook has a built in tool and HootSuite can help you manage some of the other social media sites.

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